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How to use your M3904 digital telephone

Make a Call
Lift handset. Dial 4-digit extension, or 9 + the number.

Make a Call - Handset Down
Press Line (DN) key or Handsfree key.
Dial 4-digit extension, or 9 + the number.
Lift handset or simply begin to speak to stay on the speaker.

Receive or Answer a Call: Lift handset OR press Handsfree key.

Press Conference (Conf) while on a call. Dial the number you wish to add to conference. Press Connect to connect caller.

Swap allows you to toggle between callers. To add parties, repeat the steps (up to six partes total). If the party you wish to add is unavailable, press Goodbye, then press the Line key with the flashing icon.

Do not lift the handset. Press Forward. Dial Extension # to forward calls to. Press Done.

Cancel Forward: Press Check FW. Press Cancel FW.

Place a call on Hold: Press Hold key.

Automatic Hold is enabled -- your active call is automatically put on hold if you answer a second call.

Redial Last Number: Lift handset and press the Line key OR Press Line (DN) twice.

Press Transfer (Trans). You will hear dial tone and. The LCD lights steadily.
Dial extension number.
Press Connect and hang up.

M3904 Telephones Options Key

The Options key lets you customize certain characteristics of your phone. Screen prompts take you step by step through the procedures and keep you informed of the status of various features. The first two steps on the M3903 are different from the M3904 because the display area is smaller. First press the Options key to make any of the following adjustments.

  • Use the Navigation key to move up and down through the list.
  • Press the Select key when your selection is displayed. The display provides you with information to adjust your selection.
  • Press the Done key to save the changes.
  • Press the Quit key to exit without saving changes.

The telephone display is available in multiple languages.

Change Feature Key Label
You can change the name on the programmable Line/Feature keys by selecting this feature. These keys are located at the sides of the top portion of the display area. First use the Select key to choose this option. You may add a space, delete a label, type a word(s), or restore the default label.

Screen Contrast
This feature allows you to change the contrast on your display.

Volume Adjustment
Use the navigation keys to select Volume Adjustment

  • Ringer
    the sound you hear when your phone rings
  • Buzzer
    the sound you hear when your phone rings and you are on a call
  • Speaker
    volume when using your speakerphone
  • Handset listen
    volume when using the handset
  • Handsfree
    volume when using your handsfree speaker
  • Headset listen
    volume when using your headset
  • Headset talk
    volume your caller hears when you use your headset
  • Headset sidetone
    the sound the user hears in the headset or handset speaker

Ring Type

Ring Type gives you the choice of telephone ring types or tones. Your telephone plays a sample of each ring type when it appears in the display.

Call Log Options

When using Call Log you have a choice of recording all incoming calls or only the unanswered incoming calls. On the M3904, the Call Log records up to 100 incoming entries.

Group Listening Control

The Group Listening feature allows you to talk on the handset to another party while one or more people are listening to the conversation on the speaker.

Call Timer Enable

This feature measures how long you are on each call.

Date/Time Format

Several time and date display formats are available.

Key Click

Key click provides a click sound as you press the telephone keys.

Call Indicator Light

Allows you to turn on or off your call indicator light.

On-hook Default Path

The on-hook default path opens the voice path automatically either on Headset or Handsfree

Display Diagnostics

The Display diagnostics tells the user information about the telephone display.

Caller ID Name Match

This feature, when activated, displays the names of incoming and outgoing callers as stored in the Personal Directory, if the telephone number matches the one stored in your directory. This feature allows you to personalize the displayed names for incoming and outgoing calls.

Live Dial Pad

You may press any dial pad key to automatically select dial tone.

Area Code Setup

When you enter an area code or internal prefix using this feature, the Callers list and CLID display shows the extension first with the prefix in parentheses. This makes it easier to identify local calls and internal calls. You can define up to three area codes.

Directory Applications

You may use password protection on the Call Log, Redial list, and Personal Directory options. If password protection is activated, you must enter a password each time you wish to enter one of these three directories.

Call Log

The Call Log lists the name and number of incoming and outgoing calls. You can activate Call Log to record all calls or record only the unanswered incoming calls.

The Call Log list holds up to 100 entries for incoming and outgoing calls. This set can also copy a number from the Callers Log and store it in the Personal Directory. Redial List.

The Redial list records your last 20 outgoing call numbers.

Personal Directory

The Personal Directory provides a personalized directory of names and numbers. The Personal Directory allows you to add, delete, search, and change an entry. The Personal Directory holds up to 100 entries (an entry is one name and one telephone number). You can add a directory entry by copying the entry from your Call Log or Redial List.