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The mission of the CBU Proven program is to prepare CBU School of Business students for real-world business opportunities and experiences through leadership mentoring and programming. This 8-month (two semesters) program matches 10-12 CBU School of Business students with 10-12 CBU alumni currently employed in their field of study/interest, and provides an opportunity to engage in networking events and further their leadership education and training.

Program Components

  • Upperclassmen School of Business students matched with CBU alumni currently employed in their business major/interest.
  • Each pair attends together up to 4 leadership education experiences: two networking events, and two lectures or training programs featuring prominent speakers hosted on campus at Christian Brothers University.
  • Mentors and Students are strongly encouraged to engage in dialogue relevant to their field on their own as well. Possibilities could include meeting at the mentor’s place of business, lunches, or email/phone conversations (1-2 contacts per month is encouraged).
  • Students are strongly encouraged to set aside time to shadow their mentor at their place of business for a day.
  • Students are also required to participate in the Career Services: Professionalism Series.
  • There will be a kickoff event as well as a celebration dinner at the end of the program.

Benefits for Students

  • Free leadership training and guidance currently unavailable to other students
  • Certification program to distinguish participants for their effort
  • Networking opportunities with high level business leaders in the City of Memphis
  • Development of a personal relationship with a mentor
  • Select opportunities for employment and internship
  • Enhanced resume and interviewing techniques

Benefits for Mentors

  • Continued leadership education through guest speakers series
  • Networking opportunities with other business leaders
  • Personal relationship with an undergraduate student
  • Talent pool for recruitment efforts
  • Making a difference in a student’s life!