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Connecting science tubes

Life After CBU

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is the central science. It is between the world of physics, the study of subatomic systems, and biology, the study of complex living systems. It is the study of atoms and molecules of all types of chemicals.

What are chemicals?

Chemicals are everywhere and everything. We eat chemicals; we breathe chemicals; we drink chemicals; we wear chemicals; we live in houses constructed of chemicals; we drive vehicles constructed of chemicals. Some chemicals are good; some chemicals are bad. Acutally there are no bad chemicals if they are handled properly. Everything is a chemical or composed of chemicals.

Why study chemistry?

Our modern world is the result of the study of materials. With such an understanding, chemists can design new materials or adapt existing materials for new uses. Chemists are trained to make careful observations of the systems they are studying. They study the other sciences so that they can better understand how materials relate to the subatomic, atomic/molecular, and large living and non-living systems around them.

What careers can a chemist pursue?

A degree in Chemistry opens up many doors of possibility for you. Some of our graduates with a BS in Chemistry have pursued a wide variety of careers. Some have obtained jobs in the chemical industry, working in quality control and research labs. Many have attended medical school and are now practicing physicians, dentists, or nurses. Several have attended pharmacy school and are working in commercial and clinical pharmacies. Still others have attended medical technology schools so that they can perform the tests called for by the physician. CBU BS graduates have attended some of the leading graduate schools so that they could pursue careers in education and research. Some have attended law school to become patent lawyers. Teacher education is yet another career that can be pursued with a degree in chemistry, teaching students from K-12.