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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help address some of the most common questions students raise about Graduate Engineering Programs at CBU. If you need more clarification or have questions that we haven't covered, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

How do I register for classes?

  • Go to BannerWeb.
  • Your ID is your Student ID# (Number from CBU ID card) and your PIN was mailed to you, you can change your ID and password if you wish. Keep in mind that some companies have fire walls that prohibit access to BANNER Web.
  • Student Services>Registration>Select a Term>Submit>Add/Drop Classes
  • The CRN number for the classes is available on CBU's Class Schedule
  • If you have a “Registration Error” that shows on the screen, you will see details regarding the type of error.
  • To view a confirmation of your registration, follow the steps above and select Student Detail Schedule.

How do I pay tuition?

Go to BannerWeb

Student Services>Student Accounts>CashNet>Pay Tuition and Fees by Credit Card
Select whichever service you need: Current Balance, Your Recent Payments, eRefund, Parent PINs, Your Bills or Saved Accounts

How do I finalize online?

If you do not have a balance from a prior term and no holds are present on your account,follow this procedure to Finalize:1. Login to Banner Web at Select "Student Services".3. Select "Student Accounts".4. Select "Graduate and Professional Studies Finalization".
5. Select the appropriate semester (e.g., Fall 2050). How do I setup email and Moodle
(Note: Your Moodle id and password will be the same as your email user id and password)-Enter "" into a browser.-Click "Current Students" on the right side of the page.-Click “Banner Web” at the bottom of the page.-Enter your Banner ID ((Number from CBU ID card) into the text box labeled "User ID".-Enter your PIN into the text box labeled "PIN". (For your first time logging in, usethe PIN that was mailed to you from the University)-Click "Personal Information" on the top menu.-Click "View E-mail Address(es).The email address that ends with is your CBU email address. The portion of the email address before the @ symbol is your username. Log out of Banner Web by clicking on "Exit" on the far right side of the page.If you user name is not in BANNER, call the IT Help Desk at 901-321-4438 (or email at and ask them to generate a user name and temporary password for you.-Wait 24 hoursEnter "" into a browser.-Select “Change your Active Directory Password” (enter user name and temporary password generated by CBU’s Information Technology Department).Go back to "" into a browser.-Select “Update Challenge Questions” (enter user name and temporary password generated by CBU’s Information Technology Department). If you have already set up challenge questions via BANNER, you can skip this step.Go back to "" into a browser.-Select “Change your password” (enter user name and temporary password generated by CBU’s Information Technology Department).

How do I  forward my CBU email to another email address

Go to    •    Select Change Email Forwarding Options link    •    Login using your CBU email id and password    •    Type your preferred email address in the Forward To box. If you want your CBU email to go to more than one email address, separate the email addresses by a comma. Be sure to check Copy to Self-check box, if you would like a copy of the email to still go to your CBU email account.

How do I access my student transcript online

From the CBU home page, select "Current Students" on the right- Next, select “Banner Web” at the bottom of the screen- You should now see a "User Login" screen (may have to select the “Continue…” link)- Enter your Student ID number in the "User Id" field- Then enter your PIN, if you have forgotten your PIN, click on "Forgot PIN"- Once you are in the system, click on "Student Services"- Then click on "Student Records"
- Next, click on "Academic Transcript"

How do I check CBU email via Webmail

Go to From the CBU home page, select "webmail" in the upper right of the screen.- Enter your user id in the “Name” field.- Enter your password in the “Password” field.- Select “Login” to view your email.
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