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Student Stories

Adam OkolicanyAdam Okolicany

Major: Accounting and Finance
Classification: Sophomore
High School: Christian Brothers High School

Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Intermediate Spanish I, and Intermediate Spanish II

How did dual enrollment benefit you?  It gave me a jump start. I came in freshman year with 12 hours, so I had a head start compared to most freshmen.

What did you enjoy most about your time as dual enrollment student?  The classes were more interactive compared to the non-dual classes. There were more projects and activities rather than just sitting in the classroom listening to a lecture.

Would you recommend dual enrollment? Yes. I would recommend it because it is a great way to earn college credit before ever stepping foot on a campus. Dual enrollment gives you a chance to see how a college class is beforehand. 


Matt BrintMatt Brint

Major: Psychology  Minor: Biology
Classification: Sophomore
High School: Saint Benedict at Auburndale High School

English Composition I and English Composition II

Did dual enrollment affect your decision to come to CBU? Yes, it was a plus to know that my credits would transfer.

How did dual enrollment prepare you for college? It taught me how to write really well, which helps in pretty much everything!

What did you enjoy most about your time as dual enrollment student?  It was nice to take course at college level. It was difficult, but I learned a lot from it. 

Would you recommend dual enrollment? I would recommend dual enrollment because it prepares you for college and gives you a head start. 

Emajjica Cleaves

Emajjica Cleaves 

Major: Psychology  Minor: Criminal Justice 
Classification: Junior 
High School: Middle College High School

 Elementary French I, Elementary French II, Intermediate French I, Intermediate French II, Introduction to Business, and Biology 

Did Dual Enrollment affect your decision come to CBU? CBU was not my first choice, but, after taking Dual Enrollment classes on CBU’s campus, my eyes were opened to the possibility of attending CBU (which I did!)

How did Dual Enrollment benefit you? It put me ahead of the game. When I entered college officially, I was already a sophomore because I took my entire first year of college in high school.

What did you enjoy most about your time as Dual Enrollment student?  Coming across the street to eat! In all honesty, it helped me to mature as a student. As a dual enrollment student who took the classes on CBU’s campus, I had more freedom and responsibility.

Would you recommend Dual Enrollment? Yes! I recommend students take as many classes as they possibly can. College is expensive, and dual enrollment helps to cut down on the cost and gives you a jump start on your college career.