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CBU Old Location

CBU Chronology

1871 Christian Brothers College (CBC) was founded November 19, 1871 by members of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a Roman Catholic teaching congregation. The College opened at 612 Adams, Memphis, Tennessee. CBC functioned as a combined elementary school, high school and college until 1915.
1875 First bachelor degrees offered; 1877 first master degrees offered
1915 Due to World War I, collegiate courses were suspended.
1922 CBC operated a high school until 1940; elementary classed dropped in 1922.
1939 Cornerstone laid for Kenrick Hall on new campus.
1940 CBC moved from 612 Adams to 650 East Parkway South.
1940 College division reopened as Junior College.
1940 Battersby Hall constructed.
1942 Began granting Associate of Art Degrees.
1943 Due to World War II, collegiate courses suspended until 1946.
1950 Barry Hall constructed.
1950 De La Salle Gymnasium constructed.
1953 Junior College was expanded into a four-year institution.
1954 St. Joseph Hall constructed.
1955 Began granting bachelor degrees in BA and EE.
1958 Maurelian Hall constructed.
1958 Original Bell Tower constructed (renovated in 1992).
1959 Stritch Hall constructed.
1960 Benilde Hall constructed.
1960 CBU Theatre constructed.
1963 First integrated private school in Memphis.
1965 Rozier Hall constructed.
1965 Christian Brothers High School opens separate campus on Walnut Grove Road.
1967 Science Center constructed.
1969 Plough Library constructed.
1970 Became co-educational.
1971 Thomas Center constructed.
1978 Accelerated Evening Program began.
1983 Rosanne Beringer Center for Computer Studies established.
1986 Nolan Engineering Building constructed.
1986 Buckman Quadrangle constructed.
1987 Began Master of Telecommunication and Information Systems.
1989 Began MEM and MBA programs.
1990 Christian Brothers College (CBC) became Christian Brothers University (CBU)
1992 Buckman Hall constructed.
1997 Began M.Ed. program.
1999 CBU Apartments constructed.
2001 Began MAT and MSEL programs.
2002 Lady Buccaneers won NCAA DII National Women's Soccer Championship.
2003 St. Benilde Hall renovated for engineering labs.
2004 De La Salle Gymnasium renovated, renamed De La Salle Hall; new Canale Arena opened.
2005 Began MAEL program.
2006 Began MACS program.
2007 CBU Theatre renovated and renamed University Theater.
2008 Cooper-Wilson Center for Life Sciences construction completed.
2008 Assisi Hall Science Learning Center renovation completed.
2011 Living Learning Center construction completed.