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Fall 2012 Activities

Honors Program Extracurricular Activities
 are hosted by members of the Honors Board of Directors. Note that it is through your RSVPs that we ensure we have adequate food, drinks, and (if appropriate) transportation. Thanks for giving us adequate notice of your attendance when requested.

Fall 2012
Honors Program Extracurricular Activities
Hosted by members of the Honors Board of Directors

1. Freshman Orientation – Sunday, August 19 @ 4pm (preceded by Big Geek School @ 3pm)

Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211)
Hosted by Lauryn Murphy, Tiffany Corkran, Johnny Blount, and the Big Geeks

For all freshmen and other new Honors Program students. Find out about college, Honors style! RSVP by 5pm Saturday, Aug. 18.

2. Beginning of Year Extravaganza – Monday, August 20 @ 4pm-6:30ish
Montesi Executive Center (Buckman 211) and outside
Hosted by Raegan Cook, Amanda Willhite, Hope Gilbertson, Logan Butler, Kelsey Coolican, and Tiffany Corkran
Lots of silliness – plus pizza!!! Please RSVP by Monday at 2pm so I can order the right amount of pizza.  I need RSVPs to know how much pizza to order but also to have an idea of how many people to expect. If for some reason you forget to RSVP, come on by, just go to the back of the pizza line. Big and Little Geeks are especially encouraged to attend. Bring $10 to buy a “Go Geek,” “Talk Nerdy to Me,”or “Geek is the New Sexy” t-shirt.

3. Jerry’s Sno Cones –  Tuesday, August 21 @ 6:30pm – 8:00ish (You pay)
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 6:30
Hosted by Raegan Cook and Jaustin Tubbs
MEMPHIS ADVENTURE!!! Be among the first group of HPers to visit Jerry’s SnoCones (1657 Wells Station), a Memphis ice- and dairy-product institution. Bring a couple bucks for a Wedding Cake or John Deere sno cone (or other tasty treat). RSVP by 5pm day of and let me know if you can drive.

4. Dinner with the Brothers/“Life as a Brother” – Wednesday, August 22 @ 5pm
(Freshmen and other new HPers only - sorry oldsters)
Meet in Honors Room (Kenrick 211) at 5:00 and we’ll walk to Lambert Hall together
Hosted by Tyler Stranburg and Catherine DelBove
The most special thing about being a CBU student is the opportunity to live, learn, and work with the Christian Brothers. Tonight we will have a great meal with the Brothers, then retire to the Lambert lounge to learn what it is like to live as a de LaSalle Christian Brother. Freshmen are expected to attend and need to RSVP to Dr. Burke by 5pm, Monday August 20 or  I’ll come looking for you!

5. Soul of the City at Brooks Museum Art Open Late - Thursday, August 23 @ 5:15pm    
Meet in front of Cooper Wilson at 5:15
Hosted Lauryn Murphy and Anna Birg
Check out Memphis’ premiere art museum and get a glimpse of African American art through different themes (music, civil rights, religion), genres (still life, landscape, portraiture), and artistic styles. We’ll see paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, quilts, ready-to-wear fashion, photographs, and mixed media objects by self-taught and academically-trained artists. RSVP by noon day of and let me know if you can drive.
6. Nerds go to the Birds: Memphis Redbirds - Friday, August 24 @ 6:15pm-10:30ish
Meet in front of Cooper Wilson at 6:15
Hosted by Rebekah Hermann and Julia Kueter
It’s been a few years since the nerds have gone to the Birds and they’ve decided that they’ll let us come back. Join your fellow hardball lovers for a night  under the  stars in downtown Memphis. Bring some spending money for drinks and BBQ nachos. RSVP by 5pm Wednesday, August 22 and let me know if you can drive.

7. Auto Scavenger Hunt for (only) Big and Little Geek pairs – Tuesday, August 28 @ 6:00 – ALL BIG AND LITTLE GEEKS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND
Meet in the Honors Room (Kenrick 211) at 6pm (be sure you’ve eaten dinner)
Hosted by Amanda Willhite, Raegan Cook, Tiffany Corkran, and Lauryn Murphy    
We’ll divide into groups of 4 or 5 (each group must have a car) and have fun while learning about the hotspots of Midtown Memphis. This will be a great way to get to know your Big or Little(s) and to have an excuse to do silly things in public (like you need an excuse!). RSVP to Dr. Burke by noon day of, sooner if possible and let me know if you can drive.

8. Bully and conversation with Director Lee Hirsch – Wednesday, August 29 @ 5:45pm – 9:30pm
Meet in front of Cooper Wilson at 5:45pm to head to White Station Middle School
We have 15 tickets for BULLY, the first feature documentary film to explore “a year in the life” of bullying in the United States. Watch the trailer at From the first day of school through the last, the film intimately follows the lives of a few of the many courageous kids and families bullying affects each day. The film captures the distress of bullying victims, the frustration of their parents, and in some cases, the overwhelming grief when bullying ends a life. This is a Facing History and Ourselves Community Conversation event. RSVP by 5pm Monday, August 27, sooner if you’re savvy. Let me know if you can drive.

9. SOS September of Service kickoff event – Friday, August 31 @ 10:30am-1:00pm
Buckman Quad
Hosted by Jaustin Tubbs, Julia Kueter, and Amanda Willhite
Join the September of Service team in the quad and celebrate the kickoff of the biggest service project in the history of CBU. Sign up for a service project, see the SOS Sumos, sing SOS songs, buy your $7 SOS shirt, and say lots of other words that begin with S. There’ll be silly SOS fun for everyone!

10. Wednesday in the Lounge – Disney Singalong - Wednesday, September 5 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Amanda Willhite
Our first WIL is a Disney Singalong. Please come dressed as your favorite Disney characters and get ready for a raucous Disney-good time! No need to RSVP, just come on by.
11. Wednesday in the Lounge – Comic Book WIL - Wednesday, September 12 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Emily Flechas and Catherine DelBove
Batman, Superman, Spiderman, OH MY! If you love comic books or superheros, drop by the Honors Lounge tonight for some NERDY and GEEKY FUN! Comic book aficionado Emily Fletchas will share her comic book expertise. Plus, there will be a Batman cake. Who doesn’t love cake? No need to RSVP, just come on by.

12. Big/Little Geek Lock-In, Harbor Clean-up and Retreat – Friday through Sunday, September 14 through 1 CBU, the Memphis Harbor, and Victory Ranch in Bolivar TN
Hosted by your Retreat Team: Johnny Blount, Lauryn Murphy, Amanda Willhite, Nell Brandon, Catherine DelBove, and Raegan Cook (and Tiffany Corkran, Big/Little Lock-In)
This year’s freshmen, other new students, the Retreat Team, plus Dr. Ogilvie and Dr. Thompson-Jaeger will travel to Victory Ranch in Bolivar, TN for an unforgettable outdoor adventure experience. You will swing through trees, climb walls, play challenging games, and conquer obstacles on your way to personal growth, team development, and most of all, FUN!! Hold onto your shorts, this is a not-to-be missed opportunity. Each student will be asked to pay $50 on the day of the retreat.  More details to come as the date nears. Freshmen are expected to attend but still need to RSVP by 5pm Monday, September 10.

13. Constitution Day – Monday, September 17 at 5:45 pm
St. Joseph 10
To celebrate the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution come learn about the electoral college – it’s good stuff! The seminar will consider the perennial question of whether the Electoral College should it be reformed, abolished, or left as it is. This will be an open forum of questions and free discussion. Everyone is welcome!

14. Wednesday in the Lounge – Relive the Retreat!! - Wednesday, September 19 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Caitlin Terry, Trey McGinnis and Kelsey Coolican
Join your new Honors peeps and reminisce about all the stuff that happened at the retreat. A slide show and memories are expected to attend. No need to RSVP, just come on by!

15. CBU Trivia Competition – Friday, September 21 @ 7pm (doors open at 7:00; first question at 7:30)  
Alfonso Dining Hall
Hosted by Michael Sanford
The Honors Program will sponsor a team of six to eight Honors Program students to compete against other (less geeky) teams in this annual Alumni Association trivia competition. CBU Board of Trustee members, faculty, students, and alumni will be vying to see who is the “Smartie-est”. See below for more information. (FYI, Dr. Burke will not be in attendance. She will be recovering from her 365 foot rappel down White Station tower earlier that day. So, you are on your own for the trivia!) RSVP by 5pm Monday, Sept. 17 if you want to play (these spots will probably fill up pretty fast). I will sign up the team and pay your admission fee. If you sign up for this, please be sure to be there!
16. Wednesday in the Lounge – What to do with your Summer - Wednesday, September 26 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Joe Alfonso
HP Alum Joe Alfonso will discuss why you should seek interesting summer opportunities rather than sleeping til noon over summer break. Joe has been all over the country every summer to do research so if that’s not a true geek. I don’t know what is! No need to RSVP, just come on by.

17. BOD and Wednesday in the Lounge – Spa Night! - Wednesday, October 3 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Johnny Blount and Damien Stevenson
Is the semester stressing you out? Feel those knots in your back? Come to this Wednesday's spa day and relax. Leave all your stresses behind and unwind! We'll pamper ourselves with the finest the Honors Program can afford... which is pretty fine if you ask me. Oh, and, we'll take some funny pictures with facial masks.

18. Alumni Honors Reunion – Friday, October 5 @ 5pm
Kenrick 211 Honors Lounge
Hosted by alumni Kaci Murley, Chris Peterson, with Raegan Cook and Nic Picou
Sorry, current Geeks, this one’s a time for “Honers” alumni to find out what their fellow geeky peers and the Honors Program have been doing. Alumni should RSVP by 5:00 pm Thursday, October 6 if possible, but come on by even if you didn’t get a chance to RSVP.

19. Brothers’ Keepers Servant Leadership Training – Sunday, Oct. 7 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Montesi Executive Center
Students participating in the Brothers’ Keepers program are required to attend this training, covering topics from what a non-profit board is to what types of things you’ll be doing in the program. Be sure to mark your calendars for this important event.  

20. Board of Directors Meeting 7pm and Training WIL– Wednesday, October 10  @ 8pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Amanda Willhite
The HP Board of Directors meets once a month, always in the hour before a WIL, and then that night’s WIL (which is open to everyone) focuses on a professional development topic. So, tomorrow night’s Training WIL – which everyone should attend – will focus on three things: 1) How to write an appropriate thank you note, 2) how to communicate via email with professors (and others), and 3) what plans are being made for the future of CBU (including the use of an indoor swimming pool, complete with water slide). (Have an idea for a training WIL? Send it to Dr. Burke for consideration!)

21. THE COLOR RUN MEMPHIS – Service opportunity benefitting DeNeuville Learning Center – Saturday, Oct. 13 @ 7am  
Liberty Bowl Stadium
Hosted by Kelsey Coolican and Logan Butler
Participate in the coolest, colorest (we know, that’s not a word) event in Memphis history by throwing colored corn starch on 10,000 runners. That’s right, 10,000 people are going to run through Midtown getting covered in color. Over 20 Geeks have already signed up (along with about 50 other CBUers),but there is room for more. If you’re interested, be at the Liberty Bowl Saturday morning at 7am and find the volunteer tent. Kelsey and Logan will be there to take pics and help organize – as will brother Burton. Go to and read the run information before you show up to volunteer. At this point, signing up to volunteer is not necessary but if you want to, you can sign up on the Color Run site above. Note: Dr. Burke will be out of town. If you do volunteer and aren’t already signed up, be sure to let me know.

22. The Great Debate 2012 – Tuesday, Oct. 23 @ 7pm
Meet in CBU Theatre foyer at 6:45pm to sit together.
Hosted by Nic Picou    
Hey, a political debate – how fun! Moderated by Benjamin Head (Plough Library), the debate will feature Dr. Robert Brittingham (Management/Economics) and Justin Joy (Chairman of the Republican Party of Shelby County) representing the Republicans, and Pastor Keith Norman (Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church) and Dr. Max Maloney (Religion & Philosophy) representing the Democrats. Sponsored by the Black Student Association and the Student Government Association. RSVP by 5pm day of but attend even if you forget to RSVP.

23. Wednesday in the Lounge ZUMBA – Wednesday, October 24 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Taylor Salton, Tiffany Corkran, and Jaustin Tubbs
"Ditch the workout, join the party!" Shake it to get in shape in a dance/fitness party! Zumba is a Latin-inspired fitness     program that is just as much fun as it is effective. Zumba is great for anyone, no matter their fitness level. So fun, you won't     even know you're working out...what could be better! No RSVP necessary, non-HP friends are welcome!                

24. Ignite Memphis 5 – Thursday, October 25 @ 5:10pm to around 8:00pm    
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 5:10 – event is at BioWorks
Hosted by Jaustin Tubbs
“Enlighten us but make it quick” is the tagline of IgniteMemphis. LaunchMemphis and MemphisConnect bring together     local thought leaders for an informative and entertaining night of presentations aimed at improving our community. A     global phenomenon, Ignite nights are “a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks (a timed PPT of 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds) by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown     crowd….Ignite is a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in each city” Drinks and appetizers are included. We hope to use this event as a model for our own IgniteCBU event in spring 2013. RSVP by Wednesday, October 18th so we can buy $10 early bird tickets rather than the $15 door tickets.

25. University Day of Service – Saturday, October 27 @ 11am-1pm
Sabbatini Lounge
Hosted by Rebekah Herrman and Julia Kueter
Let’s do something GOOD for a change! The CBU family (and its microcosm, the HP family) will be packing 10,000 meals     to be taken to Haiti by our BSN students. RSVP by 5pm Friday, October 26. This is a CBU Service day, so all are welcome.

26. Murder Mystery Night: An Affair To Dismember. 
Monday, October 29 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm (only 16 silly spooky spots available)
Hosted by Catherine DelBove and Michael Sanford
In what is sure to be the silliest activity of the year, dress up and take on the role of a suspect in a cleverly written murder mystery set in the Castle Von Morgue in Deadbolt, Transylvania on All Hallow's Eve. Which character will you be randomly assigned? The Mummy of King Aldrinktotat – a bag of bones who knows how to party; Balihi – the Rogersandhammerstein Monster; Glumda, the Wicked Witch of DePressed; Asthmadeas – the Prince of Dimness; Hannibel Schecter – the world’s only known kosher cannibal; Dr. Angela Deth – a dentist famous for putting her patients under (six feet under); Aretha Garlik – the flamboyant clairvoyant, or Lizzie Bordeaux – a gothic and enigmatic woman from the south of France? Over pizza we'll reveal clues about our characters that will help us discover who the real murderer is and hope it’s not you! Seats are limited! If you RSVP, be SURE you can attend. It is very inconvenient to have last minute changes at this event. RSVP to both Catherine and Michael ( & ) by 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 17, sooner if possible (these spots go fast). We will need time to assign characters. Each character will be shared by two people, and it’s way more fun if you dress alike.

27. Andy Andrews – Seidman Town Hall Lecture – Tuesday, October 30 @ 7pm
(Private yummy reception at 6ish, probably in Montesi, to which we are invited)
Buckman Montesi and University Theater. (If you don’t attend the reception with us, meet in the theatre foyer at about 6:50 and we’ll grab you when we walk over.)
Hosted by Julia Kueter and Nic Picou
Andy Andrews, author of The Noticer, will be the keynote speaker at the Fall 2012 M.L. Seidman Town Hall Lecture. Andrews will address the topic “How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think.” Andrews believes that the only way to keep the United States of America the greatest country in the world is to demand the truth from our elected officials. By illuminating the startling history of how great countries have gone bad, Andrews will demonstrate in his lecture how we, as American citizens, can avoid the same mistakes by refocusing our standards of leadership. RSVP by 5pm day of – but attend even if you forget to RSVP.

28. Wednesday in the Lounge – Scary Stories – Wednesday, October 31 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Kenrick Attic  
Hosted by Rebekah Herrman and Lauryn Murphy
Do you like scary stories, dressing up, and creepy attics? Then bring your best scary story and costume to Kenrick attic this Halloween. Who knows, you may hear some terrifying tales of our own CBU ghosts and learn why the attic is haunted.     
No need to RSVP, just come on up/by/over.

29. UPay Indie Memphis Film Festival – November 1-3, specific movie TBD
Midtown Theatre location TBD
Hosted by Nic Picou and Nell Brandon    
This is a big weekend for the HP with the DeNeuville Gala and Upperclassmen Camping Retreat – but let’s add something else! Nic and Nell are going to pick out an Indie Memphis film for everyone to attend – so stay tuned to your email. This is UPay event (meaning you pay for it, get it?). Note: If you attend this, you probably won’t be able to go camping with us (unless the film is on Thursday night or Sunday night).
30. DeNeuville Learning Center Auction and Gala – Service Opportunity – Saturday, November 3 @ 5p-8:30p or 8p-11:30p
Hutchison School’s Welsh Dining Hall
Hosted by Hope Gilbertson and Danielle Hobbs
This is a delicious service opportunity for up to 20 Geeks. The HP is assisting at the 11th Annual Gala and Auction     benefitting DeNeuville Learning Center. Volunteers will be helping mostly with catering services (helping the     caterer,     picking up plates, replenishing yummy food, etc.). You will be able to eat and drink whatever you wish and the     atmosphere is festive. The emcee is Kym Clark from Action News 5. Please RSVP asap as we need to let DeNeuville     know how many volunteers we can provide. Note that this is the Upperclassmen Camping weekend – so DeNeuville     volunteers can’t go camping.    

31. Upperclassmen Camping Retreat – Friday through Sunday, November 2-4
Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton, AR
Meet in the Honors Room Friday afternoon, time(s) TBD
Hosted by Logan Butler, Tyler Stranburg, Dani Hobbs, Kelsey Coolican, Jaustin Tubbs, and Anna Birg
Upperclassmen, here’s YOUR retreat – a fall camping retreat for sophs through seniors!
An annual adventure not to be missed! Previous highlights have included campfire crooning, geeks spontaneously plunging into an icy lake, and the unfortunate Roossell Brandon getting eaten by a bear. This chillaxing weekend will provide great campfire cookin’ and bonding with your fellow HPeeps. If heavy rain is predicted we will cancel because Dr. Burke is a sissy. We’ll provide the tents, cooking equipment, and food – you bring the fun. There will be a $25 cost to each student. You can come for one or both nights (cost is the same). RSVP to Dr. Burke by 5pm Monday, Oct. 29, earlier if possible, and let me know if you can drive. For more information about Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas's Legendary First State Park, visit

32. Born to Be Wild – Monday, November 5 @ 6:30pm
Spain Auditorium
Co-sponsored by Tri-Beta, the Living Learning Center, and Student Activities Council
Hosted by Anna Birg and Taylor Salton
Prepare to fall in love. We’ll watch Born to Be Wild, a film about orphaned elephants and orangutans and the people who care for them. Then we’ll hear from Fields Falcone (what a cool name!), a zoo researcher, about the conservation efforts at the Memphis Zoo. Watch the trailer at Open to the entire CBU community; bring all your animal-loving friends.

33. Board of Directors Meeting and Training WIL – Wednesday, November 7 @ 7:00pm-10pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Johnny Blount and Michael Stuart
Every month, the Honors Program’s Board of Directors will meet at 7:00 PM to conduct the business of the Program. After most meetings, a training session on a professional development topic will be held. This session will usually be open to all members of the Honors Program. Watch your email for this month’s Training WIL topic.

34. Bowling for Uganda – Service Opportunity – Friday, November 9 @ 5:45 to 8:00 pm  
Meet at Billy Hardwicks Lanes 1576 S. White Station at 5:45pm
Hosted by Anna Birg and Lauryn Murphy
The Honors Program will put two “Honors Kids Is Good Bowlers” team together for this fundraiser. Entry fee is $20 but I’ll     pay $10 per person for the first eight HPers (plus Anna and Lauryn) who commit to bowl (each brings/raises at least     another $10; remember this is a FUNDRAISER for Hope North in Uganda). We can put as many Honors teams together as     we want, but after the first two, you pay the entire $20. This will be the eighth time this event has been held and the Honors Program has placed in either bowling or fundraising every year and there are some very classy trophies in the Honors room to prove it! To be sure we bring another one home, please including your bowling skill level in your RSVP. Don’t think we don’t stack the teams! RSVP by Thursday, Nov. 8, earlier is better (and earliest is cheaper).

35. Wednesday in the Lounge – Wednesday, November 14 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Danielle Hobbs and Raegan Cook  
It’s looking like this one might be a documentary night. Woot! Non-HP friends are welcome.

36. McKellar Lake Cleanup – Service Opportunity – Saturday, November 17 @ 8:15-11am
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 8:15am
Hosted by Catherine DelBove and Tyler Stranburg
CLEAN UP! Your Chance to Help Save the World (or at least a tiny little piece of it).
We will join the University of Memphis Honors Program to clean up the trash heap that is McKellar Lake, where drainage trash from Memphis has created thousands of tons of litter. The lake is so bad that a national organization, Living Lands and Waters, has dedicated the month of March for four years to clean up that area. Here is a video from one of last year’s     cleanups. Can you spot the Geeks? RSVP by 5pm Friday, Nov. 16     sooner if possible. Note: Dr. Burke will be out of town so you should contact Catherine or Tyler with questions, etc.     ( 901.283.3354; 850.241.3077)

37. UPay Restaurant night – The Rendezvous – Monday, November 19 @ 6pm
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 6pm
Hosted by Nell Brandon and Michael Stuart
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Honors Program and be a part of the first HP UPay restaurant night. In this new HP tradition we’ll visit the restaurants that make the Memphis food scene famous. Be sure to check out the menu at RSVP by noon Sunday, Nov. 18, sooner if possible.

38. Wednesday in the Lounge – Quilting Baby Blankets – Wednesday, November 28 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Hope Gilbertson and Logan Butler
Tonight we will be joined by Ellie Mills, a local quilter, who will guide us in making some fleece baby quilts that will be given to Small Beginnings, an organization dedicated to mothers of premature babies. Be prepared to contribute a few bucks to cover the costs. RSVP by Monday, Nov. 26, sooner if possible. Participation may be limited.

39. Board of Directors Meeting and Dirty Santa/Tacky Christmas Sweater WIL– Wednesday, December 5 @ 7:00pm-10pm
Honors Lounge
Hosted by Kelsey Coolican, Rebekah Herrman, and Logan Butler
The Board of Directors will have its monthly meeting from 7 to 8 and then at 8 it’s a Dirty Santa and Tacky Christmas Sweater all-play! Put on your tackiest Christmas sweater, bring a desirable gift costing no more than $10, and get ready for some fun! We’ll have some Christmasy snacks and see who ends up with the best gift. (In Dirty Santa, players get the opportunity to steal another person’s more desirable gift.) If you don’t bring a present you can still attend, you’ll just get to watch the fun instead of have your gift stolen. Please RSVP by noon day of so we can plan for enough snacks.

40. Memphis Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert – Saturday, December 8 @ 1:45
Meet in front of Cooper-Wilson at 1:45 to travel to the Cannon Center downtown
Hosted by Rebekah Herrman and Michael Stuart
We’re going to the symphony!! We’ll hear some Christmas favorites and even some we probably don’t like. But who cares – it’s a Saturday and it’s almost Christmas Break! RSVP by 5pm Thursday, December 6.   

41. UPay The Hobbit – December 13 @ midnight (more details to come)
Hosted by Michael Sanford and Nell Brandon
Spend the better part of a finals week night with your Honors pals watching Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. More details will     follow about this event but, for now, suffice to say we will be Geeking out. This is a UPay event.


1. HP Masquerade Ball (probably on January 18) – open to all! Hosted by Rebekah Herrman, Michael Sanford, Dani Hobbs, Jaustin Tubbs, Lauryn Murphy, Amanda Willhite, and Anna Birg

2. HP at CBU Homecoming – hosted by Kelsey Coolican (want to help? Touch base with Kelsey at

3. HP Book Club Part Deux – hosted by Hope Gilbertson and Taylor Salton (have a book suggestion? Send it to Hope at and Taylor at

4. State Honors Conference in Cookeville in Feb. 22 and 23 – be thinking about what you will present (a paper from World Lit, the HP freshman biology project, your research, your senior project, something we do in the CBU HP you think others should know about etc. You will need to submit a short (up to 100 words) description by late December/early January). This is a very fun, very geeky road trip – not to mention great professional experience!

5. Possible spring break service trip to St. Louis

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