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Honors Conference

Honors Conferences

The CBU Honors Program is an Institutional Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council and the Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council. Below is a list of CBU Honor students' involvement in Honors Conferences in recent years.

2014 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Christian Brothers University, February 21-22, 2014

Click here for more information on the 2014 conference.

The CBU Honors Program is an Institutional Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, theSouthern Regional Honors Council and the Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council. Below is a list of CBU Honor students' involvement in Honors Conferences in recent years.


2013 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference
New Orleans, LA November 6-10, 2013

  • September of Service: How Our Honors Program Led the Largest and Most Diverse Service Initiative in Our University’s History
    Presented by: John Blount, Julia Kueter, and Rebekah Herrman
  • Memphis Rocks - A Buccaneer Family Vacation: How Making an Indie Film Drew Us Closer to Our City and Our School
    Presented by: Trey McGinnis, Caitlin Terry, and Rebecca Wauford
  • Quantum Computing
    Presented by: Rebekah Herrman

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2013 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN February 23-24, 2013

  • CBU 2013 Moonbuggy Race
    Presented by: Michael Sanford
  • Determination of Axonal Loss and Optic Nerve Head Degeneration in Glaucomatous Eyes
    Presented by: Lauryn Murphy
  • Nerding Out: How the Honors Retreat Brings the Freshmen Class Together
    Presented by: Tyler Stranburg, Caitlin Terry, and Trey McGinnis
  • Save the World and Have Fun Doing It!
    Presented by: Rebecca Wauford
  • Brothers’Keepers: Who’s Keeping Who? We Are All Benefitting in Service
    Presented by: Lauren Harrett and Danielle Hobbs
  • September of Service: Thirty Days of Good Deeds
    Presented by: Johnny Blount, John Tubbs, and Kelsey Coolican
  • Radioactive Waste and Environmental Justice
    Presented by: Bentley Smith and John Tubbs
  • The Best Honors Class Ever
    Presented by: Rebekah Herrman
  • Come to the Honors Program, We Have Cookies
    Presented by: Rebekah Herrman and Rebecca Wauford
  • The Tiny School with the Big Honors Program: How We Host Over 30 Honors Event Every Semester
    Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke, Raegan Cook, and Amanda Willhit 

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2012 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Boston, MA November 14-18, 2012

  • Small But Mighty: How our Tiny Honors Program Builds Community Through Over 30 Honors Events Every Semester
    Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke and John Blount 

2012 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference
Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN February 17-18, 2012

  • Testing the detection range of Vemco VR2W acoustic receivers used to study large scale movements of spotted seatrout(Cynoscion nebulosus) in South Texas estuaries
    Presented by: Joe Alfonso
  • A Critique of Levinas’Stance on Femininity 
    Presented by: Bentley Smith 
  • Radiation
    Presented by: Kelly Jeu
  • Manifesto of the Little Monster
    Presented by: John Blount
  • Put the Cheez-Its in the Bowl!: How to Host an Effective Honors Event
    Presented by: Nell Brandon and John Blount
  • Communerdy Service: How We Incorporate Service into our Honors Program
    Presented by: Raegan Cook and Julia Kueter
  • The Effect of Feedback on Optimism and Problem Solving in College Students
    Presented by: Amanda Willhite
  • Changes in the GABA(A) Receptor and Associated Proteins After Fear Condition
    Presented by: Catherine Gluszek
  • We Have an Honors Kid Down: The Murder at Victory Ranch
    Presented by: Kelsey Coolican and John Tubbs
  • The Tiny School with the Big Honors Program: How We Host Over 30 Honors Event Every Semester
    Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke, Raegan Cook, and Amanda Willhite 

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2011 Southern Regional Honors Council Conference
University of Central Arkansas in Little Rock, AR March 31-April 2, 2011

  • Metafiction and Metaphysics in Detective Fiction as Demonstrated by Jorge Luis Borges

    Presented by: John Blount
  • Might of the Unknown: Gareth and Anonymity in Sir Thomas Malory

    Presented by: Francis Minneci
  • An Interview with Clytaemnestra

    Presented by: Lauryn Murphy
  • Chivalry and Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction

    Presented by: Angela Toomer
  • Enriching and Enlivening High School Chemistry in Memphis City Schools

    Presented by: Catherine Gluszek
  • What Foucault Saw! A Brief Survey of the Ways in which Detective Fiction Manifests Disciplinary Power
Presented by: Chase de Saint-Felix
  • Relationship Between Religiosity and Self-Esteem in Adolescents

    Presented by: Amanda Willhite
  • Dopamine Neuron Activity in the Dorsal Prefrontal Cortex of Rats
Presented by: Cheryl Clausel
  • The Honors Big Give
Presented by Tracie Burke with Jenessa Gebers, Burton Bridges, Chris Peterson

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2010 TCHC Conference
University of Memphis in Memphis, TN February 12-13, 2010

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Non-Invasive Research Methods for the Study of Wild Jaguar Populations 

    Presented by: Caroline Mitchell

    Abstract: This presentation will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of scat detection and camera trapping as non-invasive research methods for the study of wild jaguar populations. The amount and type of information collected through each method will be shown in relation to the risks and potential problems involved.
  • Bad Faith and Branding: Sartrean Bad Faith and Consumer Identity
    Presented by: Christopher Peterson
Abstract: The thesis of this paper/presentation is that the phenomenon of corporate branding encourages and requires what Sartre refers to as "bad faith," which is an inauthentic way of being in the world. In the first section I define the philosophical term "bad faith," citing famous examples. I then offer three types of bad faith that corporate branding presents. Ultimately, this results in the demand to resist corporate branding and other types of advertising.
  • Passionate Danger

    Presented by: Johnny Blount

    Abstract: In this paper, I discuss the correlations between St. Augustine's Confessions and Virgil's The Aeneid. I focus on each writer's treatment of passionate interaction with reality during the journeys, either physical or spiritual, both men embark on.
  • The First Sex and the 'F' Word: A Male Response to Feminism
Presented by: Chase de Saint-Felix

    Abstract: An examination of Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist philosophy in her work, The Second Sex, specifically focused on assessing the effects that female liberation has on the male gender.
  • The Honors Big Give
Presented by: Jenessa Gebers, Dr. Tracie Burke, Burton Bridges, and Chris Peterson
Abstract: Our idea was if the brightest students at a university were given the only resource they often lack—money—they could make a significant impact on their community. In this presentation we’ll tell you how, through a Dollars for Scholars grant and a few clever projects, we did just that.
  • Women in the Italian Mafia: A Force to be Reckoned With 

    Presented by: Catherine Montesi

    Abstract: Although organized crime in Italy has traditionally been dominated by men, women play a critical, albeit often "behind the scenes" role. This presentation focuses on the various roles of women, from smuggling goods to running "front" companies, in the three major organized crime groups: Camorra, Cosa Nostra, and 'Ndrangheta.

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2009 TCHC Conference
Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN February 13-14, 2009

  • Complex Organic Molecular Synthesis and Its Relation to Drug Discovery - Learning by Example 

    Presented by: John Legge

    Abstract: A presentation designed not just for the chemist, the process behind pharmaceutical drug discovery and development will be explored, while using current drug molecule research to explain how new compounds are discovered, isolated, and replicated via synthetic methods.
  • Honors, Ethics and Service
Presented by: Dylan Perry & Chris Peterson

    Abstract: The purpose of this piece is to show, through a philosophical and ethical analysis, that service is implied by or inherent in the very nature of a complete, well-rounded education and what it means to be an honors student.
  • In a Democracy, Dissent is an Act of Faith 

    Presented by: Caroline Mitchell

    Abstract: This presentation highlights Senator J. William Fulbright's, former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, shift in opinion concerning the Vietnam War. Between 1964 and 1966 Fulbright moved from pushing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution through Congress to holding public Senate hearings that largely repudiated the war.
  • “Russell Brandon Got Eaten by a Bear”: CBU Honors Upperclassmen Go Camping

    Presented by: Jenessa Gebers, Kenny Latta, & Dr. Tracie Burke
Abstract: This fall we established what we hope will become an annual tradition in our honors program, an upperclassman weekend camping retreat. This presentation will outline the process of planning and carrying out the retreat, as well as how we plan to improve for next year.
  • Selection Strategies and Semantic Relatedness BEYOND Simple Free Association
    Presented by: Russell Brandon

    Abstract: Ever wondered why when you hear one word, you think of another? And what is an antonym? The way in which we organize and retrieve information is amazing, and here's your chance to learn about all of this and more with presentation on free association, selection strategies and how they work.
  • Seven Ways to Improve Your Honors Program

    Presented by: Burton Bridges, Carolyn Fly, & Dr. Burke
Abstract: The Christian Brothers University Honors Program is always exploring new initiatives to improve our students' experiences. Come hear about seven exciting things we've added in the past two years in the areas of programming, courses, and keeping honors students engaged during their time in the program.

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