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Instruction Services for Faculty



  • Individual Consultation
    Any faculty member may request an individual instruction session in your office or in the library. Topics can include everything from eBooks to use of library resources in general.
  • Group or Departmental Consultation
    We are available to provide orientation to new faculty or demonstrate the use of any of our resources.
  • Instructional Design Support
    We will work with you to create or revise assignments that involve library resources. We can help identify information literacy objectives, provide ideas for classroom activities, and give you the means to assess the information literacy skills of your students.



Class Instruction

  • Schedule an instruction session for any class. These sessions often work better with classes with a research component and should start close to the time that the students begin their assignment.
  • We can customize course-related instruction to meet the needs of your class' assignment. Examples include: creating a search strategy, finding books and articles on a particular topic, using specific databases, and evaluating print and electronic sources.
  • For classes with up to 25 students, sessions can be held in the library's Infolab.

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