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Controls & Energy Conversion Lab

St. Benilde Hall – Room 108

Faculty Supervisor:
Dr. Robert Drake

Lab Description: 

The Controls and Energy Conversion Lab provides an opportunity for students to learn about methods to measure and analyze control variables in electrical and mechanical processes. Students study how energy can be converted from one form to another and observe the loss in useful energy as a result of such a conversion. The lab emphasizes the role of digital and analog controllers and integrates the concepts of transfer functions, system response, offset error, and stability into common practice.


  • Four workstations for Motor-Generator mounting

  • Four multipurpose power supplies

  • Five Induction Motors (208V, 1/3hp, 1.7A)

  • Four Synchronous Machines (208V, 1/3hp, 1.7A)

  • Five DC Machines (125V, 2.4A)
- One Dynamometer (125V, 3A)

  • Three Valhalla Scientific 2101 Digital Power Analyzers

  • Tachometers

  • Two Programmable Logic Controllers