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Instrumentation Lab

Lab Location:
St. Benilde Hall – Room 105

Faculty Supervisors:
Drs. Paul Shiue, Jose Davila, Chad Baker, and John Ventura

Lab Description:

The Instrumentation Lab provides an environment to study the use of electrical instrumentation such as digital multimeters, function generators, strain gauge meters, thermocouple meters, and digital oscilloscopes. In addition, NI ELVIS provides a suite of virtual instruments that enable students to perform in a virtual computer setting all of the functions of traditional instruments along with Fourier and Bode analysis of electrical networks.


  • Seven workstations with the following:

    • Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

    • Tektronix Function Generator, Power Supply, and Scanner

    • Tektronix Programmable Digital Multimeter

  • ELVIS station with board

  • Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • Altera UP3 Education Kits