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Language Center

Student at computer listening to teacher

The CBU Language Center is located on the Lower Level of Plough Library on the Christian Brothers University campus. The Center, which serves all foreign language students at CBU, is equipped with computer and learning resources, which include a large reserve of French, German, and Spanish language videos that students may view.

All students majoring in disciplines within the School of Arts are required to complete courses in the Liberal Arts core. The purpose of the Liberal Arts Core is to provide a common background of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences which serves as a context for more specialized study in the individual major. The Liberal Arts Core requires students to pass a foreign language course at the 202 level. A minor in Foreign Language requires 12 credit hours above the 202 level in one language. A student whose mother tongue is a foreign language may obtain a minor in his/her own language by earning 18 semester hours in courses above the 302 level. Completion of a minor in foreign languages may depend upon sufficient student demand.

Brother Francisco Martin directs activities and programs within the Language Center and he can be contacted directly by e-mail at or by calling the Language Center at (901) 321-4112.