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The Christian Brothers

The Christian Brothers at CBU pass on a tradition handed down from Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron saint of teachers in the Roman Catholic church. They live in community and support one another and their associates in fulfilling the Church's apostolic mission of service through education. While teaching is their central activity, Brothers and their colleagues work as administrators, staff, counselors, and advisors. It is this collective contribution from everyone that keeps the spirit of faith and zeal alive.

Christian Brothers of the past

The Christian Brothers in Memphis also operate Christian Brothers High School and De La Salle School at Blessed Sacrament.

The Brothers' history with the University, dating back to 1871, is one that continues to touch the lives of students and colleagues alike. And it is one that promises to reach far into the future.

The Christian Brothers of Memphis

Brother Louis Althaus, FSC (CBU, Executive Assistant to the President)
Brother Kenneth Arnold, FSC (CBU Information Technology Services)
Brother Joel Baumeyer, FSC (CBU Mathematics)
Brother Ignatius Brown, FSC (CBU Education, Retired)
Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC (CBU Special Assistant to the President)
Brother Stephen Eibert, FSC (CBU Mathematics, Retired)
Brother Chris Englert, FSC (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Michael Fugger, FSC (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Mark Gubbels, FSC (CBU Business Office, Retired)
Brother Allen Johnson, FSC (CBU Literature & Languages)
Brother Philip Jones, FSC (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Michael Livaudais (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Francisco Martin, FSC (CBU Literature & Languages)
Brother Joel McGraw, FSC (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Terence McLaughlin, FSC (CBU Trustee, former CBU President)
Brother Robert O'Kane, FSC (Christian Brothers High School)
Brother Alan Parham, FSC
Brother Kevin Ryan, FSC (CBU Physics)
Brother Edward Salgado, FSC (CBU Biology)
Brother Michael Schemlzer, FSC (CBU Education)
Brother Walter Schreiner, FSC (CBU Mathematics)
Brother Robert Staub, FSC (CBU Sciences, Emeritus)
Brother Thomas Sullivan, FSC (CBU Campus Ministry, CBU Biology)
Brother Robert Werle, FSC (O'Donnell Archives, Ross Art Gallery at CBU)

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