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Download a PDF of the logo sample booklet above >>>


The mission of Christian Brothers University is firmly rooted in a cherished tradition that goes all the way back to the 1600s. That mission and tradition still resonates in the 21st century, and CBU works hard to keep it relevant and vital to each new generation of students. Universities like CBU are facing tremendous challenges and need to highlight those aspects that make us distinctive in order to actively recruit new students and ask for funds from our benefactors. Last month, we shared some preliminary ideas for new logos with the CBU Community. As we promised, we took all of your comments and suggestions back to our agency and to the CBU administration and trustees. As a result, we are pleased and excited to present the final results: the New CBU Logo and the New Buccaneer Logo.

New Logo

The new CBU Logo, designed by archer>malmo, presents the public with a bold, easily recognizable graphic identity for CBU. By using the Bell Tower as its major element, the new CBU Logo draws attention to a positive, prominent feature of our campus and positions it as a beacon that extends far beyond the Parkway and our front yard. As a symbol for both Academia and the Church, the Bell Tower reinforces both our image as a top-quality institution of higher education and our heritage as a Lasallian, Catholic University.

Athletic Logo

CBU and archer>malmo have also revitalized and updated the Buccaneer Logo for Athletics to accompany and complement our new graphic identity. This Buc is very much in line with contemporary sports logo design, simple and eye-catching and easily reproduced on everything from websites to t-shirts (and uniforms, of course).

Color Palette

Something else you might notice in these new logos is a brighter color palette. The maroon-and-gray has now been replaced with red-and-gray, which a lot of you might fondly recall as the original CBU colors. For those of you who keep track of Pantone Colors, the new official red is Pantone 186 and the gray is Pantone 408.


You’ll start seeing the new logos very soon on some materials and we’ll be phasing them in gradually in other areas. Although the CBU website will not be changing its design immediately, the new logos are already available for download. Supplemental logos and graphics for both the University and Athletics will soon be added to our graphic standards.

Thank you again for your input and engagement in this process!