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Required Courses

ENGM 600 Theory and Applications in Engineering Management
ENGM 605 Quality Assurance
ENGM 607 Operations Research
ENGM 610 Advanced Engineering Economy
ENGM 612 Technical Project Management
ENGM 616 Strategic Management in a Technical Environment
ENGM 690 Engineering Management Capstone Project
ENGM 600 level totaling 12 credit hours. 

Elective Courses

ENGM 604 Social, Legal, and Ethical Considerations for Engineering
ENGM 606 Computer Applications
ENGM 611 Entrepreneurship for Engineering Managers
ENGM 613 Construction Equipment & Methods 
ENGM 614 Construction Failure 
ENGM 615 Engineering Construction Management
ENGM 621 Engineering Law
ENGM 624 Knowledge Engineering
ENGM 636 Computer Networks
ENGM 637 File Organization and Database Management
ENGM 640 Principles of Packaging
ENGM 641 Distribution and Medical Device Packaging
ENGM 642 Sustainability
ENGM 650 Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems
ENGM 652 Quality Systems for the Medical Device Industry 
ENGM 663 Project Risk Management &Contracting
ENGM 691 Special Topics
ENGM 695 Research Methods in Engineering Management
ENGM 698 Professional Seminar
ENGM 699  Research

Other electives and transfer credit must be pre-approved by the program director. Up to nine graduate credit hours can be transferred from accredited institutions for program credit.

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