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Master of International Business

MIB for CBU MBA Alumni

MIB for CMBA Alumni

Your MBA from CBU has set you apart in the local business community. Take your potential to the next level by broadening your global business perspective with the Master of International Business. Earning a second master's degree from CBU and from a European institution will continue to distinguish you in this competitive environment and provide you with the skill sets to excel in the growing field of international business.

This degree is designed to prepare graduates for global careers in domestic or foreign business entities and to conduct business on an international basis, from a global perspective. The MIB program was designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of a seasoned business professional with a degree in the field of business. The purpose of this advanced program is to engage career-minded professionals in the process of lifelong learning that would give them a more well-rounded graduate business education, develop a global view on every aspect of business and gain an understanding that the future of American businesses is interdependent on the global markets.

This program is a dual degree program in which you will earn a Master of International Business from CBU, as well as a Master of International Business from La Salle Campus Barcelona - Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain.

The first MIB cohort is limited only to graduates of the MBA program at CBU. In addition to this unique opportunity, you will be able to apply a 25% discount to the price of tuition for the MIB program. Take advantage of the extra perks of being a distinguished alum of CBU!