DeSoto County Students Win Big In CBU Competition

DeSoto Central High School engineering competitorsMemphis- Six DeSoto area students placed in the Annual High School Engineering Competitions on Thursday, April 3, 2008. These competitions were hosted by the Christian Brothers University (CBU) School of Engineering and included four events, the Egg Drop Packaging event, Balsa Crate competition, CO2 Car event and 9-Volt Tractor Pull that showcased different aspects of engineering.

The winners included five competitors from DeSoto Central High School and one home-schooled student. Among these winners were Ayushi Amin and Lindsey Tillison of DeSoto Central High School, first and third place respectively in the Egg Drop Packaging, where they constructed packaging systems to protect an egg as it fell 24 feet. Chris Ashabranner, DeSoto Central High School, placed second and John Ackerman, home-schooled, placed third in the Balsa Crate where their crates were tested to see how much weight they could support. Dustin Crick won second place in the CO2 Car event in which the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar powered his vehicle. Will Thornton tied for third in the 9-Volt Tractor Pull where his vehicle was powered by only a 9-volt battery and a small DC motor.

Winners received $150 for 1st, $100 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd places. The DeSoto Central High School students were mentored by their teachers Mark Montgomery, Lorna Golden and Joseph Boswell.

Approximately 80 students from 13 area high schools competed in the four events. Representatives from local industries, governmental agencies and CBU faculty judged the competitions. The Medtronic Foundation and CBU co-sponsored the event. ##

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