CBU Alpha Xi Delta’s “Jail ‘N Bail” for Autism

The Theta Pi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at Christian Brothers University (CBU) raised over $1,300 for Autism Speaks through their first annual “Jail ‘N Bail” fundraiser on April 23. The proceeds from this event will go toward autism research and awareness.

The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta began the week by having members of the CBU community pay to request a “warrant” for the “arrest” of a fellow classmate, professor or staff member. Each $5 “warrant” required the “fugitive” to sit behind bars in the Buckman Quadrangle for an hour, begging passers-by to donate $10 for “bail” or to post the bail themselves and avoid jail.

Alpha Xi Delta "Jail n' Bail"

Angela Toomer, event coordinator for “Jail ‘N Bail,” was overwhelmed with the success of the fundraiser, stating, “It was a big success, and it’s an event that will definitely be back on campus next spring.” She warns everyone on campus that they may be the next fugitives, saying “Get ready to arrest your friends, teachers or staff next year!”

Autism Speaks, the beneficiary of this event, is the world’s largest autism advocacy organization. Begun in 2005, Autism speaks has worked to raise funds to uncover causes, prevention, treatment and cures for autism. The organization has worked to get autism insurance legislation passed in five states. They have created a social networking site for those interested in their cause and who are personally affected by autism. In 2008, CNN partnered with Autism Speaks to designate April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day to provide information about the cause the public at large.

For more information about Autism Speaks, visit www.autismspeaks.org. ###

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