CBU Expands Financial Literacy Training

Memphis – Since 2002, Christian Brothers University (CBU) has offered the CFP® Board-Registered Program in Financial Planning to 241 students and graduated 186 of these students. The program is offered in partnership with Kaplan Financial and is the only CFP® program in the Mid-South.

Now CBU is expanding its focus to increase financial literacy within Shelby County, particularly in the African American and Hispanic communities. In partnership with E. Denby Brandon, Jr., of Brandon Financial Planning, Inc. CBU will begin hosting focus groups to create a directory of available services and encourage the creation/or expansion of financial literacy programs in the area. The University and Brandon, who has been instrumental in the CFP® program at CBU by providing scholarships to qualified students, believe that by raising awareness for the need of financial education in all sectors of the community, more individuals will become astute in managing personal finances.

This initiative supports the recent bill passed by the Tennessee State Board of Education requiring that high school students take a personal finance class before graduation.  Tennessee is only the eighth state (Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota, and Utah) with similar legislation.

CBU is inviting interested financial planners, accountants, community organizations, church and religious leaders, and financial institutions to attend one of the Financial Literacy Focus Groups which will be coordinated by Olivia Dobbins of the Sims Financial Group. The next group meeting will be scheduled for late November or early December.  For more information, contact Jacque Mahr at jmahr@cbu.edu or (901)321-3315.  ###

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