CBU Announces NEW Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Degree

Memphis –Christian Brothers University (CBU) is offering a NEW Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics degree beginning August 2012. This interdisciplinary degree will provide an integrated curriculum that prepares the student to pursue employment or graduate school in the ever-growing field of cybersecurity and digital forensics. This degree is the first and only undergraduate degree of its kind in the Memphis Metropolitan area.

As cyber crime continues to escalate, corporations, government agencies and organizations seek cybersecurity experts to innovatively develop tools and techniques to minimize or eliminate this crime. Today’s cyber crime is responsible for losses well in excess of $200 billion annually. The victims of this lucrative criminal enterprise have responded by hiring skilled professionals to protect their networks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity is expected to grow at least 30 percent by 2018. As of 2010, the average computer security analyst earned an annual salary of $75,660.

CBU’s degree integrates courses in computer science, electrical engineering and management information systems.  Students will learn how to protect confidential data stored within computer networks; thereby, protecting the private information of individuals, industry and government agencies. They will also learn how to engage in computer crime investigations – an emerging field known as digital forensics. In addition, they will participate in an internship with one of CBU’s corporate partners.

“For a university that seeks to provide its students with a high-quality education relevant to today’s economy, both regionally and nationally, the new Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics degree makes sense,” notes Dr. Frank Buscher, CBU vice president for academics. “With a history of our graduates being employed at large tech companies such as Google and Microsoft, this degree fits and will ultimately benefit businesses, consumers, government, law enforcement and anyone else who uses the Internet.”

Graduates of the program can expect to find employment as chief security officers, cybersecurity analysts, digital forensics experts and many more positions.

For more information on CBU’s new Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic program, visit www.cbu.edu/cyber or contact Dan Brandon at dbrandon@cbu.edu.

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