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RN to BSN Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Plan Carefully:

For students using William D. Ford Direct loans, there is a cumulative limit for dependent students of $31,000 and for independent students of $57,500 of which no more than half can be subsidized.

For transfer students, the amount borrowed at other schools counts toward the cumulative totals. The maximum yearly amounts that can be borrowed are:

FYI Regarding Student Loans:

Also, if you have student loans, there’s a really cool new loan forgiveness program geared towards nurses. Many of the hospitals in our region fall under that umbrella for forgiveness should you remain employed there or any other one of the qualifying hospitals upon completion of your BSN or MSN. Check out the program at:

Tuition Reimbursement Policies:

For those who will be receiving any type of tuition reimbursement benefit, you will need to contact Mrs. Donna Crutcher in the Business Office at (901) 321-3894 at least two weeks prior to the start of the first day of classes. She will arrange a payment plan with you, as well as schedule the release of your information back to your employer.

Scholarship Opportunities To Check Out: