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Undergraduate Packaging Certificate

Program Requirements

The course requirements for the Packaging Engineering certificate are as follows:

The following senior design project courses are acceptable for the Project requirement above, given that the project includes a packaging component and is approved by the certificate coordinator:

Students with senior projects without packaging components are required to register for the 2-cr. Packaging Project course.

Acceptable choices for the Elective requirement include:

For practicing engineers who wish to get the certificate, a 2-cr. Independent Study course relevant to packaging can be used to meet the Project requirement. Transfer credit for the elective requirement is also possible. Pre- and/or co-requisite requirements for each course taken must be met.

To receive the Packaging Engineering certificate, all courses taken must be passed, with an overall GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Key Courses

ChE/ME 319 Principles of Packaging

Overview of the historical development of packaging, the system of packaging science, along with information about economic importance, social implications, and packaging as a profession. Study of the functions of packaging materials, container types, processes, technology, and equipment employed to protect goods during handling, shipping, and storage. Introduction of package development process, testing and evaluation methods, standards, and equipment. Brief review of governmental regulations affecting packaging.

ChE/ME 320 Distribution & Medical Device Packaging

Overview of the physical distribution systems, various distribution hazards imposed on products/packages in transit, rules and regulations governing distribution packaging, and common industry guidelines and practices for distribution packaging. Study of the package design process, protective packaging theories and applications, selection and design of distribution packaging, and other distribution packaging related materials and applications. Introduction to packaging testing and evaluation methods, standards, and equipment/systems. Introduction to basics of packaging materials, packaging design and development, and sterilization methods used in the biomedical industry.

Contact Information 

For more information, please contact Dr. Asit Ray, Packaging Engineering Certificate Coordinator, at or (901) 321-3418.