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Academic Requirements

Competition for entry into Physician Assistant Programs is very intense. Applicants must meet the general requirements for entry into a Graduate Program at Christian Brothers University as well as the standards for admission to the Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program. The admissions committee of the PA Program bases all decisions upon the prospective student’s overall and science grade point averages (2.8 GPA minimum is required), the personal interview, GRE score, knowledge of the profession, healthcare experience, and the applicant’s letters of reference (letters from an M.D., P.A. and/or former teachers are preferred). Prerequisite requirements include graduation from an accredited college or university with a baccalaureate degree including successful completion of academic coursework in:

Academic exposure to the following courses will enhance the potential success of a candidate for entry into the program:

A personal statement and résumé are also required as part of your application documents.

Technical Standards for Admission

The CBU Physician Assistant Program seeks candidates who will be able to serve the needs of the community by becoming skilled and effective Physician Assistants. Matriculated students in the Program must demonstrate the academic ability and technical skills necessary to acquire the knowledge and abilities of a Physician Assistant in a broad variety of clinical situations and to render a wide spectrum of patient care. Candidates for admission must possess technical abilities in the following areas:

Candidates admitted to the Program are required to certify in writing that they understand and meet the above standards. If a candidate does not feel they may be able to meet the technical standards should contact the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Life. The Program will attempt, to the best of its ability, to develop mechanisms by which otherwise qualified candidates for admission can be accommodated; however, the integrity of the curriculum and the need to provide optimal patient care must be maintained in order to ensure that all parts of the Program Curriculum be delivered to all matriculated Program students. The Program requires students to meet standards to ensure that its graduates possess a certain level of cognitive and technical skill. Students must be capable of successfully completing the entire CBU PA Program curriculum upon which they will achieve a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies.

Applicants should be aware that completion of all prerequisites does not guarantee an interview for or acceptance into the CBU PA Program. The PA Program does not provide advanced standing or transfer of academic credit from other Physician Assistant programs. The application deadline is July 1st and the application materials deadline is July 31st. A background check and drug screen are also required prior to admission.

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