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PA student in class

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (per semester) $11,300
Application fee (payable once, non-refundable) $50
Tuition deposit (payable once, non-refundable) 10% of first semester tuition
Technology fee (per semester) $70
Graduation fee (payable once, non-refundable) $100
Additional Required Fees & Expenses*
Background Check & Drug Screen
Drug Screen (Annual) $80
Books (for entire program) $2,000-$2,300
Laptop computer $500-$1,500
Medical equipment (for entire program) $700-$1,000
Uniforms (for entire program) $125
AAPA dues (highly recommended) $75
TAPA dues (highly recommended) $80
Graduate Housing
Security Deposit for Housing 
Avery Apartments Single (per semester)
(no meal plan incl., available at extra cost)

*Additional required fees and expenses are estimated and/or subject to change. Students must show proof of health insurance at the beginning of each year.