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Student in goggles


The Department of Physics & Natural Science offers degrees in Physics, Engineering Physics, and Natural Science. The Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science requires a combination of courses from the three natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). 

The Department also offers, in conjunction with the Department of Education, a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, and teaching licensure in Physics or Physics and Mathematics for grades 7 through 12.

As an Engineering Physics and Physics major you can participate in the activities of the Society of Physics Students, the National Student Association of the American Institute of Physics. Natural Science majors can participate in the activities of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Society, the Student Affiliate of the American CHemical Society, and the Society of Physics Students chapter of the American Institute of Physics.

The Department uses a combination of in-class instruction, in-class demonstrations, regular collected homework, computer-assisted homework and laboratory experiments to educate students in the workings of Nature. In addition to the courses in the Physics Department, you also have easy access to courses in the Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science Departments of the School of Sciences and to courses in the School of Engineering.