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Give Students an Overview:

General Tips

  • Talk about CBU's Plagiarism Policy.
  • Make your expectations clear for specific assignments - are students allowed to collaborate?
  • Schedule an instruction session with a reference librarian before your first assignment.
  • Have students write as much as possible. Get to know students' writing styles.
  • Allow students to incorporate personal reflections on some topics or class discussions.
  • Change assigned paper topics every semester.
  • Keep up with current technology.
  • Know that the most frequently plagiarized resource is Wikipedia.
  • Be aware of paper mills.
  • Critique a sample downloaded from a paper mill in class.
  • Emphasize research and writing processes and stagger the due date for each step:
    • Written topic proposals
    • Idea outlines
    • Multiple drafts
    • Interim working bibliographies
    • Photocopies of sources

Citation Style Instruction

  • Discuss your preferred citation style.
  • See Citing Sources for examples of citations to commonly used resources in APA, MLA, and Turabian.

Additional Resources

The University of Alberta's excellent site on plagiarism includes handouts for classroom use, including: Research and Writing Tips, Proper Paraphrasing, Evaluating Internet Resources, and Common Knowledge and Quotations