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Past Presidents

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees. The President is the official representative for the University in all its external relations; internally the President provides leadership and direction for the university community, both directly and through the administrative officers of the various areas.

Since its founding in 1871, Christian Brothers University has been served by 22 full-term Presidents (several earlier Presidents served more than one non-consecutive terms).

President Maurelian Sheel, FSC 1871-91
President Anthony Walsh, FSC 1891-94
President Maurelian Sheel, FSC 1894-99
President Anthony Walsh, FSC 1899-1902
President Icarion Havighorst, FSC 1902-04
President Maurelian Sheel, FSC 1904-09
President Jovitus Edward O'Rourke, FSC 1909-14
President Elzear Stephen Kelly, FSC 1914-15
President Baldwin Witzleben, FSC 1915-16
President John Joseph McMahon, FSC 1916-18
President Leopold Julian Dodd, FSC 1918-22
President Luke Joseph Kenrick, FSC 1922-28
President Ignatius Francis McEvoy, FSC 1928-35
President Luke Joseph Kenrick, FSC 1935-41
President Lawrence David Bickett, FSC 1941-47
President Hyacinth Richard Gerlach, FSC 1947-53
President Lambert Thomas Matthews, FSC 1953-62
President Terence McLaughlin, FSC 1962-64
President Luke Grande, FSC 1964-70
President Malcolm O'Sullivan, FSC 1970-73
President Bernard LoCoco, FSC 1973-80
President Theodore Drahmann, FSC 1980-93
President Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC* 1993-94
President Michael J. McGinniss, FSC 1994-99
President Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC 1999-2005
President H. Lance Forsdick, AFSC* 2005
President Vincent Malham, FSC 2005-08
President H. Lance Forsdick, AFSC* 2008-09
President John Smarrelli Jr., Ph.D. 2009-