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Highfiving students

Student Senate


Senate meetings are typically every other Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. in the SGA Office area in Student Life. All meetings are open to the public.

About The Senate

The Student Government Association Senate is an elected group of 14 students dedicated to passing resolutions to make a positive impact on the CBU community.  The Senate is the legislative body of the SGA and serves alongside the Executive Council as a voice for CBU: students, clubs, and the community as a whole. So come out and be heard!

About Senate Committees:

The SGA Senate utilizes a committee system for passing bills and resolutions. There are four committees that any student may join to become a part of the legislative process: Internal Affairs committee, Student Life committee, Campus Improvement committee, and Education committee.


Anna Birg
Derrick Braswell
Cali Copsey
Hannah Evon
Nash Lanigan
Joel Moore Jr.
Jonathan Mosley
Cynthia Mullis
Evan Munier
William Norman
Solomon Shokouh-amiri
Kiera Suggs
Brock Swims
Matthew Winemiller