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Statue overlooking Barcelona, Spain

Exchange Program at Lasalle University in Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Catalonia and one of the main ports on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a city by the sea and has a perfect climate and a cosmopolitan character. BES Lasalle is known for its practical and innovative education, focused on best business theory and practice and delivered through a strong international perspective.


Students from all disciples are welcome. You can take electives and Spanish. All Business courses are taught in English.


Costs included in this exchange program are the standard tuition and fees paid to CBU. You do not pay tuition to the school in Barcelona. Airline tickets, lodging and food are paid by the student.

To Apply

Once your interest is piqued, be sure to complete the Preliminary Interest Form. Start work on completing the Exchange/Semester Abroad Application Booklet. Deadline: March 15 for fall semester and October 20 for spring semester. 

Student Testimonials 

“I wouldn’t change that experience for the world. Life is free but it will cost us not to live it! Study abroad!”
Tayannia Kerr, Business Administration, 2012

“To be able to experience the city of Barcelona in its entirety- the food, the education, the people, and the traditions- allows one to better understand not only a different culture but also to reexamine his or her own.”
Hajra Motiwala, Natural Science

, 2012

“Studying in Barcelona was the opportunity of a lifetime. I only wish I had a few more of those opportunities.”
Michael Covington, ITM, 2011