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Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies minor at Christian Brothers University is designed to complement the student's major. We believe global studies are most effective when students combine them with the expertise developed by specializing and majoring in a discipline or professional program. The courses constituting this minor have been carefully selected to provide international understanding through interdisciplinary course work designed to strengthen their major and promote success in achieving career goals.


The program objectives are to prepare students for participation in the emerging global economy and culture through: A course of study that introduces them to a variety of international issues and concerns in selected courses which address world art, music, literature, politics, economy, religion, history, environment, geography, anthropology, and foreign language. Demonstration of second year proficiency in a foreign language. Participation in a University approved international travel and study experience. Students are strongly advised to incorporate a global perspective in their major discipline capstone project and may work with global studies minor faculty to assist them.

Requirements – 18 Hours

The Foundations of Global Studies course (3 credit hours, 200-level). Five courses (15 credit hours) from the list below. These courses must be chosen from at least three different departments. In addition, at least two of these courses must be 300- level, and no more than two may be 100-level courses. Only one American history class will apply. Demonstration of second language competency at the second year level. One university approved international study experience. Choices for the international study experience may be selected from the following: A year or semester study abroad. A summer session study abroad. One short-term study abroad experience (Spring, Fall, Christmas break) or comparable university approved international experience. Please see the Student Planner for Global Studies Minor for further information.

Elective Courses

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