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Undergraduate Programs

At CBU we prepare students in the traditional disciplines of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. Our degree programs have the required depth to give a solid foundation to prepare students for graduate and professional schools. We also have a good variety of courses for electives in the majors that allow students to pursue their particular interests and better prepare for particular fields of specialization. Please take a look at the information below to know what is available. For specific Program Paradigms, please consult the Academic Catalog.

Degree Programs

The links below will direct you to the catalog page on which you can find the degree paradigm for each major or concentration. If you're using an incompatible browser, you can reference the page as listed beside the major or use the bookmarks within the catalog pdf.

Major Concentrations Options Minor
Biochemistry (p. 90)
Biology (p. 91) Biology (p. 107)
Biomedical Science (p. 92)
Chemistry (p. 93) Chemistry (p. 107)
Pre-Med (p. 94)
Pre-Pharmacy (p. 95)
Pre-Forensics (p. 96)
Computer Science (p. 97) 
Bioinformatics (p. 97) Computer Science (p. 107) 
Engineering (p. 97)
Forensics (p. 97)
Business (p. 97)
Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (p. 110)
Ecology (p. 99)
Engineering Physics (p. 100)
Mathematics (B.S) (p. 101) Bioinformatics (p. 101) Mathematics (p. 107)
Forensics (p. 101)
Mathematics (B.A.) (p. 102)
Natural Science (p. 103) Forensics
Professional Writing (p. 45)
Teaching Licensure (p. 46)
Public Health (p. 104) Public Health (p. 107)
Nursing (p. 105)
Physics (p. 106) Physics (p. 107)

Multidisciplinary Areas

In addition to the degree programs above, you can take classes and electives in the following multidisciplinary areas to further pursue your interests. Please contact your advisor or a faculty member to discuss your options.

Dual Degrees

It is possible to obtain more than one undergraduate degree at CBU. 

All single degrees (with the exception of engineering degrees) at CBU can be earned with a minimum of 120-122 hours.  To earn a dual degree it will require more hours depending on the degrees chosen.  This may be attractive to those students who come into CBU with college credits from Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment.

Degree in 3 Years

If a student comes to CBU with some college credit, for example, credit earned from Advanced Placement (AP) courses or dual enrollment courses in high school, it may be possible to earn a science degree from CBU in three years. Because science degrees are built on courses that have prerequisites, it is important to have the right courses taken in the right sequence. A student wishing to pursue a degree in three years should work closely with his or her academic advisor to accomplish this task.

Teaching License

As stated in its mission, CBU is a Catholic institution of higher education in the tradition of the Christian Brothers. The Brothers of the Christian Schools is an order devoted to teaching, and it is in that spirit of service in education that CBU offers an opportunity for students to become teachers themselves.

For more information about the MAT degree, please check with CBU's Education Department.

If you have any questions about other multi-discipline science areas, dual degrees, 3-year degrees or any general questions in any of the above areas, please feel free to e-mail your questions to or contact a faculty member in the particular area of your interest.

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