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Life after CBU

As a Fine Art major at CBU you are expected to:

  • Produce and mount a comprehensive exhibition of work in your chosen discipline; including, a written thesis placing the work in a historical and contemporary context along with technical applications.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of art historical movements and the artists that led and participated in those movements.
  • Possess the ability to verbalize and demonstrate an advanced level of understanding in your preferred medium.
  • Develop ideas and exhibit the ability to manifest those ideas through self-motivation.

What that means is that you will be able to graduate with a completed body of work and knowledge that prepares you for graduate studies, a career as a professional artist, or a career in art related fields.

In addition, your minor in Theatre:

  • Fosters your creativity, self expression and leadership skills
  • Promotes self-confidence and improves communications skills
  • Produces a greater appreciation for the human condition
  • Develops skills in group problem-solving because theatre is a collaborative art form
  • Awakens your intuitive and perceptive capacities as well as your logical, analytical capacities

This background and skills provide you with crucial life skills that can be used in a wide range of professions including business, government, law, the natural and social sciences, and industry.

We encourage you to talk to your advisor, professors and Career Services staff who would be happy to help you further in figuring out the best path for you.